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Advanced Analytics in Business Laboratory, Deakin Business School

Executive Team: Jacob Cybulski (DISBA), Rens Scheepers (DISBA) and Bardo Fraunholz (DISBA)

Description: Advanced Analytics in Business Lab at Deakin Business School aims to enable business community and government use advanced analytics and AI technologies effectively. This is accomplished by providing researchers and business analytics professional with high-level modelling tools, which allow them to focus on problem solving, rather than on the specifics of technological infrastructure, which is often a distraction and a barrier for business users of data science software tools. AABus Lab undertakes projects that assists businesses to predict future outcomes, optimise their operation, simulate complex processes or detect patterns in business data. At the same time AABus Lab employs a vast range of modern analytics and AI technologies, such as analytics workflow modelling, text mining and sentiment analysis, deep learning analytics, business simulation and process optimisation, immersive data visualisation and natural user interfaces for data interaction, to name a few. Typical applications are in Finance, Accounting, Marketing or Management.

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